League And ANASTASIA Charitable Children’s Foundation Raising Money For Child In Moscow

League And ANASTASIA Charitable Children’s Foundation Raising Money For Child In Moscow

When Alisa Padalka was two years old, she started making less noise and spent more and time in silence. Doctors diagnosed her with bilateral sensorineural hearing loss. The battle began to help Alisa continue developing normally and enjoy a normal life: hearing aids, sound-amplifying FM system and constant rehab. She loves to learn and know about the world, but in order to continue her challenging path to speaking, socializing and adapting, Alisa needs appointments with audiologists, speech pathologists and speech therapists. 

The cost for three levels of rehabilitation at the Tosha&CO (Fryazino, Moscow Region) clinic for hearing-impaired children is 165,000 rubles. 

VTB United League general director Ilona Korstin: “Every VTB League All-Star Game is more than an entertaining sports event; it’s also a social event that attracts a lot of attention. In Sochi and St. Petersburg, together with the fans, we helped two children become healthier and enjoy a better chance at a happy life by collecting the necessary funds for treatment. This time, we can help Alisa from Moscow and change her life for the better.”

ANASTASIA Charitable Children’s Foundation president Marina Shamara: “Alisa is often a visitor at our foundation. We get excited about her achievements: her success in mental math, drawing and learning English. She’s an unbelievably hard-working child. Recently Alisa discovered a new hobby: watching science shows about insects. I’m confident that with the help of the All-Star Game fans, we will collect the money needed for rehabilitation and help this little one keep moving forward.” 

To donate money, send a text to 3434 with the word АНАСТАСИЯ and amount you wish to donate (for example, АНАСТАСИЯ 200). You can also donate online at anastasiafond.ru

About the foundation: The foundation’s priority is helping severely sick children. The foundation is also committed to helping children who are impoverished, orphans, those without guardians or parents who can care for them, and children in difficult circumstances that require care, with the support of organizations and institutions that provide treatment, education, nurturing and other positive influences on these children. From 2013-2018, ANASTASIA has been able to help 234 children. 41 million rubles have been used for charitable purposes. The official website is www.anastasiafond.ru.