VTB United League Hosts Seminar For Referees

The VTB United League organized and hosted an officiating seminar in Khimki today, with both Russian and foreign referees in attendance. VTB United League refereeing department head Algimantas Pavilonis, Euroleague refereeing director Richard Stokes and Croatian referee Sreten Radovic spoke at the event.

The seminar covered several areas of officiating, including movement on the court as a referee, criteria for contact, managing a game and interaction between referees and coaches. The final point included recommendations and suggestions from league coaches as provided at a recent VTB United League meeting. In addition, video clips from league play were presented and included thorough discussion of the officiating decisions.

- It's very important that foreign referees from league countries were able to attend today, - noted Algimantas Pavilonis. - We strive to have an identical interpretation of the rules in each situation. That's why we watched video of situations where it's difficult to make a decision. All of the seminar attendees noted the high quality of play in the VTB United League. That makes communication between referees and with coaches even more important during a game. The league and referees department will continue to work actively in this direction. We've agreed to hold another meeting between coaches and referees prior to the start of the postseason.