VTB United League At Expo-Basket 2016

Expo-Basket 2016, Russia's premier basketball event of the summer, was held July 22-23 at Moscow's Luzhniki complex.

The VTB United League put together an interactive booth, giving fans a chance to watch the League's best games and plays, meet the League mascot--Buba the Leopard, and compete in different skills contests with a chance to win an official Wilson ball.

VTB United League honorary president Sergei Ivanov and general director Ilona Korstin, Russian national team members, and other big names in the basketball world were among the booth's visitors, signing autographs and posing for pictures with the fans.

- Expo-Basket 2016 was a truly unique exhibition, - noted Korstin. - The best of basketball was here at Luzhniki. Our stars came out, too: Russian national team members, famous coaches, league and club executives and journalists. They took part in seminars and gladly signed autographs. I'd like to note the terrific job done by festival organizers. The Russian Basketball Federation did itself proud. I hope basketball fans liked the VTB United League booth. They could watch the league's best games on big screens and compete in different contests. I'm confident that Expo-Basket will become a good summer tradition.

Of course, today's highlight was the presentation of the Larry O'Brien Trophy, which NBA champion Timofey Mozgov brought to Russia. There was a kilometer-long line to get pictures and touch the trophy. You had to see it! The VTB United League has its own cup, the Sergey Belov Cup, and we hope to make it just as recognizable to fans in Russia.