Voting Opens For Round Five Of Miss Cheerleader League Of Beauty

Round Five of the Miss Cheerleader League Of Beauty Contest has started.

The Miss Cheerleader League of Beauty (30 girls, two from each of the league’s 15 dance teams) consists of five preliminary rounds and one final round. Online voting plays the biggest role in selecting the finalists, with fans able to vote directly for their favorite cheerleaders on the contest homepage.

Maria Sharafetdinova and Julia Khrunina (CSKA), Anna Pakalina (Lokomotiv-Kuban) and Polina Bezmogorychnaya (Krasny Oktyabr) were the first four finalists to be selected.

The fifth and final contestant will be selected during Round Five, which runs for five days and concludes at 2:00 PM Moscow Time on May 25. 10 girls from the first four rounds are participating in this stage: the eight 2nd and 3rd-place finishers, as well as the top two vote-getters in 4th place.

These are contestants for Round Five of the Miss Cheerleader League Of Beauty:

Kristina Dobrodienko, Astana Dance Team

Daria Dyachenko, Krasny Oktyabr Dance Team

Kateryna Onopko, Nymburk Dance Team

Maria Renoija, Kalev Dance Team

Lilia Salakhova, UNICS Dance Team

Gayana Sarkisyan, Khimki Dance Team

Julia Skshinetskaya, Tsmoki-Minsk Dance Team

Elena Shevtsova, Enisey Dance Team

Natalia Shuvalova, Nizhny Novgorod Dance Team

Alina Yarmieva, UNICS Dance Team