United Students League was formed

In Tallinn it was announced a joint project of the VTB United League and the Association of Student Basketball (ACB) - United Students League.

In league will play 22 Russian and 10 foreign clubs from the Baltic, Poland, Ukraine and England. Regular Tournament will be held in four divisions, followed by a playoff.

Sergei Ivanov, President of the VTB United League:

- Several years ago we began to revive college basketball in Russia and are now able to aim a blow at the international level. This project is great in terms of employment of students, but not in the business. In Russia there was a great pyramid: the school basketball league, which is funded by private money, then the student and the top of all - VTB United League. All that we have done in a short period of time without attracting funds of the Russian Basketball Federation.

Alexander Konovalov, president of ACB:

- Students will play on the weekends, without conflicting with the training schedule. We can see among the graduates of professional players, members of the Olympic Games. We hope that after four years in the national team will see members of this league.