Prediction Contest Regular Season Results

Following the conclusion of the 2015-16 VTB United League regular season, it's time to recap the results in the

Prediction Contest

. Each of the top five finishers will receive an all-expenses paid trip to the playoff finals where they will have the chance to win a valuable grand prize!

More than 300 fans from 13 countries competed in the contest this season (hosted on VTB-League.com). The race for the top five was extremely competitive, with lots of fans in contention until the final week.

The top five finishers in the 2015-16 Prediction Contest came from four countries - Italy, Russia, Belarus and Ukraine: Antonio Menoni (Parma), Alexander Konovalov (Rechitsa), Alexander Istomin (Moscow), Alexander Mikhailov (Moscow) and Valery Glinchak (Shostka).

The VTB United League congratulates each of the Prediction Contest winners (contest organizers will be in touch very soon) and thanks everyone who participated! We hope you'll join us next season!

The final round of the 6th-annual Prediction Contest will be held during the playoff finals as contestants compete for the grand prize (to be revealed at a later date) on the court.