Meeting Between League Coaches And Officiating Department

The VTB United League organized a meeting today in Moscow between Officiating Department director Algimantas Pavilonis, league referees and league coaches.

The meeting included discussion and interpretation of various officiating decisions with accompanying video. The coaches also had an opportunity to share their perspective on working with referees during games.

The results of the meeting, including the coaches' suggestions, will be discussed further at a separate seminar for referees, which the VTB United League plans to hold in the near future.

- First of all, I'd like to thank the coaches who came to the meeting, despite the busy schedule of the regular season, - noted Officiating Department director Algimantas Pavilonis. - They presented their view and made suggestions, which will be discussed in detail by the league and taken into account at our refereeing seminar. We plan to hold another similar meeting prior to the playoffs. We are building communication between the coaches and the officials, which is very important for the VTB United League and basketball as a whole.