League Executives Participate In RBF Elections Conference

The Russian Basketball Federation held an elections conference today in St. Petersburg at the Park Inn by Radisson.

The RBF president and audit committee presented reports, and elections were held to select new four-year terms for the Federation's executive offices: president, executive committee and audit committee.

One candidate was nominated for RBF president, Andrei Kirilenko, who will continue to work in that capacity.

VTB United League representatives also took part in the elections conference: League president Sergey Kushchenko, member of the RBF board of trustees, and League general director Ilona Korstin, member of the RBF executive committee.

- For the first time in recent years, the RBF conference took place as scheduled and focused on developing the sport and making systematic progress, - emphasized Sergey Kushchenko. - The federation has done a lot of work this year. We need to continue in the same vein in order to raise the development of our sport to the proper level. It should be noted that our activity is coordinated and features solid cooperation within basketball society. That's a positive contrast to the Federation's previous period of activity, prior to Kirilenko's election.

A year ago, when the regional federations, clubs and VTB United League supported Andrei, you might say we simply believed in the player, and perhaps took some risk, which is always the case. But now, a year later, you can see the result. I can say with confidence that a new cohort of young, modern sports managers have arrived in basketball.

The RBF's clout in international organizations is being restored. Projects that were begun in past years, such as the ASB, KES-Basket and Loko-Basket school leagues continue to develop and actively work with the federation. In addition, with the support of the RBF's board of trustees, headed by Sergei Borisovich Ivanov, other projects have been started and completed, such as the Basket-Expo, Siburcamp Brooklyn Bridge, RBF Training Camp.

- For the League, the RBF is an important strategic partner, - noted Ilona Korstin. - We need to be in constant contact and promptly resolve any issues that might arise. In that regard, it's very important that Andrei Kirilenko continue working as federation president. He's already proven that he is an effective manager, who can get all departments to work smoothly and can make the right decisions under pressure. I'm confident that the future of Russian basketball is in good hands.