Kushchenko, Kirilenko And Konov Participate In #SIBURCAMP

VTB United League president Sergey Kushchenko, Russian Basketball Federation president Andrei Kirilenko, as well as SIBUR board chairman Dmitry Konov participated in a special practice at this summer's #SIBURCAMP in Moscow.

Sergey Kushchenko, Dmitry Konov and Andrei Kirilenko trained alongside camp participants at a special practice, working one-on-one with the guys, while Kirilenko also led a mini master class dedicated to ball-handling.

After practice, everyone gathered beneath one of the baskets for an hour-long Q&A session. The visitors talked about their experience with basketball when they were kids, how they became involved with professional sports, the inner workings of professional clubs and federations, as well as how to find the motivation to play sports.

Sergey Kushchenko, VTB United League president:
- At this age, you have to give kids as much information as possible about the sport they've chosen. They need to understand that pro sports are hard work. But even if they don't become professionals, they should also understand that doing sports will only benefit them.

Dmitry Konov, SIBUR general director:
- It's nice to see that 21 people came here and that 21 people will pass on their enthusiasm for a healthy lifestyle and playing sports to their family and friends when they return home. Developing top talent isn't our biggest goal. We are focused on popularizing a healthy lifestyle, so that future generations are tougher and more interested in sports.

Andrei Kirilenko
, RBF president:
- I already call the guys here pros. They can play basketball. Of course, we needed to share tips and exercises from our own experience. The guys seemed to be very curious and energetic. I liked today's practice. No one stood still. Everyone is getting better and I think they have a good future. A huge thank you to SIBUR for hosting this camp. #SIBURCAMP does very good work and brought together the most talented players from different regions with the help of testing. For these boys, going to another city for camp and participating in this is a big deal. We will give advice and pay attention: the rest is up to them.


is a joint project of SIBUR and the VTB United League with the support of the Russian Basketball Federation. This unique basketball camp for young athletes is being held from June 2-12 in Moscow for 21 young athletes (14 and younger) from seven cities in Russia. Practices are led by Russia's top coaches using the newest methods. The project's main idea is to demonstrate the importance of sports in a child's development.

Seven Russian cities hosted #SIBURCAMP tryouts. Each of the cities featured rebuilt basketball courts (Voronezh, Tolyatti, Tomsk, Nizhnevartovsk, Perm, Tobolsk and Dzerzhinsk), renovated by SIBUR and the NBA. Interest exceeded organizer's expectations, with more than 800 children trying out for a chance to win a spot at the #SIBURCAMP in Moscow.

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