Invitees To #SIBURCAMP Revealed

The list of participants in the #SIBURCAMP children's basketball camp--a joint project of the VTB United League and SIBUR with the support of the Russian Basketball Federation--has been revealed. More than 800 young athletes took place in the qualifying rounds with the 21 best performers earning invites to the camp.

21 athletes (no older than 14 years old) from seven Russian cities will train with Russia's top coaches from June 2-12 in Moscow. The project's primary goal is to demonstrate the important role of sports in a children's development. The project is part of the SIBUR School of Basketball program, which unites the company's various basketball-related projects.

#SIBURCAMP qualifiers were held in seven Russian cities (Voronezh, Tolyatti, Tomsk, Nizhnevartovsk, Perm, Tobolsk and Dzerzhinsk), where SIBUR and the NBA helped restore basketball courts. More than 800 kids participated in the mini-camps, exceeding organizer expectations.

Athletes underwent basketball and psychological testing, as well as a special sensory visualization test. The unique technology was developed by sports academics with the support of the Federation of Russian Computer Sports specifically for this project.

The results of the testing were analyzed by specialists under the direction of Moscow State Academy of Physical Education professor Anatoly Laptev. The 21 winners received a spot in the #SIBURCAMP.

#SIBURCAMP Participants:
1. Roman Rogov, Voronezh
2. Vadim Orekhov, Voronezh
3. Danila Yanov, Voronezh
4. Viktor Shevchenko, Tolyatti
5. Mikhail Isakov, Tolyatti
6. Sergei Sivukha, Tolyatti
7. Gleb Kokorin, Tomsk
8. Vladislav Dudarev, Tomsk
9. Yaroslav Zaporozhets, Tomsk
10. Shykhboz Sotiboldiev, Nizhnevartovsk
11. Denis Epifanov, Nizhnevartovsk
12. Yaroslav Amelin, Nizhnevartovsk
13. Egor Finenko, Dzerzhinsk
14. Semyon Moshkov, Dzerzhinsk
15. Kirill Tyulkin, Dzerzhinsk
16. Ruslan Kushekov, Tobolsk
17. Artur Karimov, Tobolsk
18. Ivan Filyushin, Tobolsk
19. Eduard Simonov, Perm
20. Grigory Tuchkov, Perm
21. Egor Lobanov, Perm

The camp in Moscow will include basketball practices and games, as well as general fitness. Coaches will also work on personal development as well as team chemistry. The participants will attend VTB United League playoff games, go on various educational excursions, listen to lectures and meet with famous sports personalities.

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