Inside The Game With UNICS President Evgeny Bogachev

VTB-League.com and United League TV present a new episode of Inside The Game.

Get inside the game as we bring you unfiltered access to the biggest names in the VTB United League.

UNICS president Evgeny Bogachev, one of the most respected names in Russian basketball, stars in today's episode. Bogachev has been instrumental in Kazan's success year after year and regular contender status in the VTB United League. Known for his even-handed, no-nonsense approach, Bogachev always has his eye on the ball and passionately supports the team during games.

President and fan of the team for 20 years, Evgeny Bogachev was captured by our TV cameras during one of the season's biggest games: UNICS's recent showdown with Lokomotiv in Kazan.

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