Evgeny Bogachev Celebrates 75th Birthday!

UNICS president Evgeny Bogachev celebrates his 75th birthday today. The VTB United League congratulates Evgeny Borisovich on the milestone and wants to wish him excellent health, happiness, success in his role as club executive and a terrific European campaign for UNICS in the upcoming season.

VTB United League president Sergey Kushchenko:
- Dear Evgeny Borisovich, we've known you for many years as a loyal basketball person who's made a big impact on the sport's development. You've turned Kazan into one of Russia's basketball centers and made UNICS into a European basketball powerhouse. Today, everyone involved in Russian basketball congratulates you and thanks you for your many years of service. Happy birthday!

VTB United League general director Ilona Korstin:
- Dear Evgeny Borisovich, you are not just a wise president and executive, you have also been a basketball fan for 20 years! You have been with the VTB United League since the beginning and all of UNICS's success is associated with your name. Every year, the club is a league contender. From the bottom of my heart, I wish you health, success in everything you do and, of course, wins, both on the court and in life!