Euroleague agrees to VTB United League proposal

The Euroleague confirmed that Russian clubs will use the system proposed by VTB United League executives to qualify for European tournaments. An official letter signed by Euroleague CEO Jordi Bertomeu was discussed and affirmed by the Board of the Russian Professional Basketball League (PBL), as well as directors of PBL and VTB United League clubs.

According to the new system, each Russian team competing in the 2012/13 VTB United League season will earn points, combining their performance in the Russian championship and the playoffs of the VTB United League. For each place in the PBL, 1st – 10th, the clubs will receive from 10 – 1 points, respectively. In the VTB United League they will be able to earn the following points: 10 points (champion), 8 (finalist), 6 (semifinalists), 4 (quarterfinalists) and 2 (first round of the playoffs).

Based on points earned, Russian clubs will fill their quotas for next season’s Euroleague and Eurocup. As a reminder, the best-placed team in the 2012/13 VTB United League without an A or B Euroleague license will receive a wild-card spot in the 2013/14 Euroleague Qualifying Rounds.