Directorate Decision

The protest submitted by BC Khimki concerning the outcome of the UNICS – Khimki game, which did not meet requirements, has been declined by the League Directorate.

Following the regular season game between UNICS and Khimki, BC Khimki protested the outcome of the game to the League. Per FIBA rules (Section C, Protest Procedure), such situations are decided by the officials and the outcome of the game is not subject to review.  Per FIBA rules, the outcome of a game can only be reviewed in three cases:

– an error in scorekeeping or time-keeping.
– a decision to forfeit, cancel, postpone, not resume or not play the game.
– a violation of the applicable eligibility rules.

Head of officiating Nikolaos Pitsilkas:
– The referees made the right decision. Quino Colom did not break the rules by entering the backcourt, since, in agreement with article 30.1.2 of the FIBA rules and interpretation 30-2, a player has the right to jump from his team’s frontcourt, establish new team control while still airborne and then land with the ball in his team’s backcourt. As for the second situation, with the uncounted basket: FIBA rules (article 31.2.5) say that you cannot touch the ball as long as it has the possibility to enter the basket. The referees agreed unanimously that the ball did not have the possibility of entering the basket. Per FIBA rules, article 46.12, this situation is not subject to a video review during the game. Today, each of the members of the review committee upheld the decision made by the referees.

The directorate also decided to fine BC UNICS 100,000 rubles for an inoperable video review system during the game, in accordance with article 36.1 of the VTB United League Regulations.