Codi Miller-McIntyre: Thank You For Voting For Me

Codi Miller-McIntyre: Thank You For Voting For Me

PARMA guard Codi Miller-McIntyre is leading the World Stars vote for the 2018 All-Star Game. In an exclusive interview, he talks about who cracks the most jokes on PARMA’s roster, whether he’d introduce his apparel brand in Russia and how much of the language he’s already learned. 

– PARMA would make the playoffs if the season ended today. Are you happy with how the team’s played?
– Yeah, it’s a nice accomplishment for now. I think the team is playing pretty well. We could have had 2-3 more wins by Christmas, if a few things had gone our way. We still haven’t played our best.

– Did you know PARMA went 1-23 last season? Were you worried about that when you signed in the summer?
– Of course I knew about it. Actually, it was really motivating. I wanted to prove that any team can turn things around really quickly.

– What were the team’s goals entering the season?
– Of course, the main goal was making the playoffs. The fans in Perm really expect us to finish in the top eight and this team has every chance of reaching the postseason.

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– At first glance, PARMA looks like it has a lot of fun on and off the court. Who’s the guy that gets everybody going?
– Kostya Bulanov. He’s always in a good mood and loves to joke around and make people laugh. I don’t think anybody will steal his crown as Mr. Jokester. 

– You’ve probably already learned a few Russian words?
– I know some of the easiest words and phrases: “privyet [hi],” “dobroye utro [good morning],” “dobry vecher [good everning],” “kak ty? [how are you?]”, “ya – khorosho [I’m good].” Of course, it’s not enough to carry a conversation in Russian. 

– Do you have a nickname on the team?
– No, my teammates call me Codi or CMM because of the first letter of my first name and last name. Nobody’s come up with anything original.

– It’s usually below freezing in Perm in the winter. Have you been anywhere this cold before?
– No, this is new for me. It’s unbelievably cold. When I go back to America [he went to the U.S. for the winter break], I’ll definitely bring back some heavy winter coats. 

– Perm isn’t a very big city. What do you do in your free time?
– I like to hang out at home. I read, watch YouTube videos or TV shows, and talk to my family over Skype. 

– A lot of basketball players like to play video games? What about you?
– Not really. I have an Xbox and PS4, but I didn’t bring them with me to Russia, because I don’t have time to play and I’m not really into them. I just play during the holidays. I’m actually more into shooter games than sports games. 

– You have your own apparel brand. When did you start and what was the motivation?
– I’ve thought about starting my own apparel brand for a long time. I wanted to try it out and I was sure that people would like it. So after graduating from college, I finally started my own business.

Why did you name the business Patience?
– That word means a lot to me. Patience is the reason I became the person I am today. Patience gave me a good life. Patience helps me out all the time–it’s my motto for life. I decided to give this word to others through my own apparel line.

– Have you thought about selling your clothes in Russia?
– Yeah, we’re working on that. We’re creating a unique design for Russians that will be unique to Russia. I don’t know how popular it will be, but it’s worth trying. 

– What other brands do you like, besides your own?
– I’d say Stampd LA and Fear Of God. I like their style. It fits me. I love the type of clothes you can wear every day.

– What’s your favorite basketball sneaker?
– I love the Kyrie’s from Nike. I always play in them. Nobody’s made anything better.

– You play in Kyrie’s, but as a player you’ve got some similarities to Russell Westbrook…
– You’re right. He’s my favorite player right now. His energy, work ethic, aggressive approach and desire to win are incredible.

– Who was your idol as a kid?
– When I started playing basketball, it was Allen Iverson. Back then, millions of kids tried to copy his style on the court, and off it. 

– Every basketball player has a dream. What’s yours?
– Playing for the Charlotte Hornets. I was born in North Carolina and I’ve always dreamed of playing at least one game for them.

– Did you know you are leading the fan vote for the World Stars at the All-Star Game? Did you expect so many people to vote for you?
– No, I didn’t know that! I’m amazed so many fans are supporting me. That means a lot to me. I want to say thank you to everyone who’s voted for me. 

– How much would making the VTB United League All-Star Game mean to you?
– It’d be a new experience for me. Of course, I’m only thinking about the regular season right now, but nobody would turn down an opportunity like that. If I’m picked, I’ll go there to play my best. It would also be awesome to play alongside stars like Nando De Colo and Sergio Rodriguez. You can learn a lot from them, even in a short amount of time.

– If you’re picked, will you invite your family and friends to come? 
– Of course! My parents really want to come to Russia. They’ve never been here before.