1-on-1: Nezvankin vs. Barinov

VTB-League.com and United League TV present a new episode of 1-on-1.

Anticipation is high for the semifinals as UNICS Kazan takes on Zenit later today in Game 1 of the first matchup. Prior to hitting the floor, UNICS guard Dmitry Nezvankin and Zenit forward Nikita Barinov duked it out in front of the cameras for 1-on-1.

Athletic skill is not a factor in this competition. Instead, contestants must rely on their sense of humor, quick thinking and knowledge of the game.

Nezvankin and Barinov discussed what's distracting about cheerleaders, recalled their coach's most brilliant play, explained whether or not you can get injured waving a towel on the bench, picked the league's goofiest mascot and answered several more silly questions.

Who came out on top? Nezvankin or Barinov, Kazan or St. Petersburg, UNICS or Zenit?

Watch now!