1-on-1: Likhodei vs. Vorontsevich

VTB-League.com and United League TV present a new episode of 1-on-1.

The upcoming March 6 showdown between UNICS and CSKA has fans in Moscow and Kazan buzzing. 1st place in the VTB United League is at stake when the league's top two teams clash at the Basket Hall. Kazan has won 14 straight, while CSKA had its 19-game winning streak snapped on Sunday vs. Lokomotiv-Kuban and will be looking to get back on track against Evgeny Pashutin's high-flying squad.

Prior to Sunday's top-two tilt, UNICS forward Valery Likhodei and CSKA forward Andrey Vorontsevich went 1-on-1 in front of the cameras, testing their sense of humor, basketball smarts and quick wit.

Given little time to think, Likhodei and Vorontsevich described why UNICS vs. CSKA can't be missed, determined who's going to score more, explained what "peremyach" is and why their team mascots will never be friends.

Who came out on top? Likhodei or Vorontsevich, Kazan or Moscow, UNICS or CSKA?

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