1-on-1: Freimanis vs. Vilde

VTB-League.com and United League TV present a new episode of 1-on-1.

Latvia's VEF and Estonia's Kalev failed to reach the postseason this year, but left a good impression, playing competitive, hard-nosed basketball, including against the league's top clubs. The two teams also split their season series, each winning once on the road.

United League TV went behind the scenes to pit Kalev forward Rolands Freimanis, a native of Latvia, and VEF's Richmonds Vilde in our 1-on-1 competition. Instead of athletic ability, these two men will be judged by their sense of humor, basketball smarts and quick wit.

Given little time to think, Freimanis and Vilde talked about what you should eat for breakfast in order to score 30 points, gave tips on how to woo a girl from Latvia, sang a song about Riga, and answered several more light-hearted questions.

Who came out on top in this Latvian showdown? Freimanis or Vilde, Kalev or VEF?

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