1-on-1: Bogachev vs. Vatutin

VTB-League.com and United League TV present a new episode of 1-on-1.

It's finals time as CSKA and UNICS prepare to battle for the league championship. But before they take the court, UNICS president Evgeny Bogachev and CSKA president Andrey Vatutin meet on camera for a classic showdown!

The two ambitious executives prepared for this series all season and have no intention of backing down, even in a virtual battle.

With little time to think, Bogachev and Vatutin explain how their club made the finals, admit who can give them orders, count up their silver medals, describe the number of times they've gone into the locker room and answer several other light-hearted questions.

Who will come out on top? Bogachev or Vatutin, Kazan or Moscow, UNICS or CSKA?

Watch now!